Toys for natural learning

What is WOOMAX?

We design and produce ecological wooden 100% toys. We use complementary materials in some of our designs. Unique pieces with their own personality.

The WOOMAX family!

The inventor
The cook
The handywoman
woomax universe the inventor

The inventor

The one who sketches, draws everything she can imagine to catch the best ideas.

yellow pin

Her favourite WOOMAX toy: the blackboard.

woomax universe blackboard toy
woomax universe the cook

The Cook

Mixes the ingredients of the inventor and the handywoman to create a new toy or collection.

blue pin

Her favourite WOOMAX toy: the blender.

food processor toy
woomax universe the handywoman

The handywoman

The one who builds, tinkers and tests until she finds the perfect formula.

red pin

Her favourite WOOMAX toy: the toolbox.

toolbox toy


To recover the tradition of the wooden toy by giving it a fresh look and adapting it to the current needs of children.

woomax universe Motivation


woomax universe nature


woomax universe design


woomax universe educational


We bring back the tradition of wooden toys, giving them a new look to make them more attractive, functional and fun!

Colours, shapes, sizes... In each toy we take care of the smallest detail so that each piece is unique and unforgettable.

Each of our toys is like a little teacher with which children can develop the specific skills of each stage.

Global Motor Skills
star Global Motor Skills

By strengthening precision and coordination of large movements they simultaneously control their whole body.

Fine Motor Skills
star Fine Motor Skills

We stimulate the simultaneous movement of the smallest muscles for the development of everyday tasks.

Gross Motor Skills
star Gross Motor Skills

We encourage children to exercise large and complex muscles for the benefit of their coordination and balance.

Manual Dexterity
star Manual Dexterity

Through our toys children will be able to practice their hand and finger dexterity and agility.

Hand-Eye Coordination
star Hand-Eye Coordination

With games that involve specific movements we improve their manual and visual dexterity and precision.

star Reasoning

We encourage play where children use their rational side to solve problems and make decisions.

star Language

We help children to communicate verbally, to relate to others and to learn about their surroundings.

star Creativity

We offer the tools children need to be able to create, dream and let their imagination run wild.

star Imagination

Through play we encourage the ability to represent fictitious or real experiences that favour development.

star Memory

Children will be able to work on their ability to store and remember information in order to acquire new knowledge.

star Orientation

We help them to orientate themselves in space in order to carry out common activities and prevent perception difficulties.

star Coordination

Our toys stimulate children's ability to move in a precise, agile and synchronised way.

Understanding Cause-Effect
star Understanding Cause-Effect

They will be able to discover the result of their actions while exploring all the options of the most interactive toys.

star Learning

With our toys, children will learn didactic and educational values in a fun and entertaining way.

star Socialisation

We teach children through play to respect rules, to work as a team and to integrate into society.

star Affectivity

Children will be able to show feelings of affection and care in a reciprocal way towards others with our toys.

Sensory Stimulation
star Sensory Stimulation

We awaken their 5 senses with toys of different textures, colours and shapes recognisable in their environment.

Symbolic Play
star Symbolic Play

We encourage children to play adult roles or roles invented by them to develop their social skills.

star Outdoors

We promote outdoor play so that they can explore and discover their environment as they grow and develop.

woomax universe the handywoman


Image 01
Cercle 01B

star Classic

The first WOOMAX wooden toy collection is born.

Arrow 01F
Image 02
Cercle 02B

star Exclusive

Launch of the WOOMAX line with Disney Licence.

Arrow 02F
Image 03
Cercle 03B

star Creation of
Studio Circus

Launch of the new WOOMAX Studio Circus collection.

Arrow 03F
Image 04
Cercle 04B

star SOFT and BABY

Creation of two new toy collections.

Arrow 04F
Image 05
Cercle 05B

star Adding
positive energy!

Launch of the WOOMAX Mr. Wonderful line.

Arrow 05F
Image 06
Cercle 06B

star The value
of Experience

Launch of the WOOMAX Fisher-Price line.

Arrow 06F
Image 07
Cercle 07B

star New heroes,
new friends

Launch of the WOOMAX Spidey and his amazing friends line.

Arrow 07F
Image 08
Cercle 08B

star The most
rhythmic characters

Launch of the WOOMAX Baby Shark line.

Arrow 08F
Image 09
Cercle 09B

star A horizon
to discover

Upcoming projects, new collections, line extensions...

woomax wooden train toy

Imagination is unlimited!

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